10 Tips to help improve your productivity

10 Tips to help improve your productivity

In this day and age of always on technology we could all do with effectively managing our time better when it comes to email and technology in general.

1. Before finishing work for the day create a to-do list for the next day, prioritise it and then in the morning don’t open your email until you have completed the task the highest priority task. This ensures a productive start to the day.

2. If acceptable work wise close Outlook and just check your emails at set intervals, this means you can get on with what you are trying to do without constantly checking your emails or being disturbed by emails arriving.

3. When work has finished for the day and at the weekends, turn off emails on your phone and resist the urge to check your emails online. If you really must check your emails then set a time when you will do it and stick to it! That way you are not constantly checking your emails.

4. Unsubscribe from all those email newsletters you accidently signed up to when you purchased something or that you always mean to read but never get round it – this will help reduce your general overall email load.

5. If it’s not acceptable to shut down your email and just check at intervals then consider using a second screen so that you can keep your email open on one screen while working on the other – this means that you can see at a glance if the latest email is something you need to deal with or something that can wait. This means you can focus more on the task at hand and not have to keep switching between what you are doing and your email – only to find the email was not important or could obviously wait.

6. Take breaks, sounds simple but you can be much more productive after taking a scheduled break from your computer, and the quality of your work improves too!

7. Create and prioritise to-do lists all the time so that you can work on and ensure all the most important things you need to get done do get done. Otherwise without prioritising it is often the less important things that take over. Don’t be tempted to load the to-do list up too much with low priority things, as it will seem more daunting if you have to many items on your list.

8. Do one task at a time, sounds simple but it is much better to do a good job on one task than a mediocre job on many tasks.

9. Disconnect for a day, that means no email no internet nothing – give your brain a rest and sometimes the best ideas can come out of these times.

10. Finally delegate!

Relevant quote:

It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.
Leonardo Da Vinci

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