5 Myths about safe Internet browsing

5 Myths about safe Internet browsing

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There are a lot of myths and old wives tales about safe Internet browsing; here we debunk 5 of those myths.

Myth: Only visiting well-known and trusted sites keeps you safe.

Fact: There is no such thing as a trusted site, any site could be compromised and in turn compromise you. Malware is no longer the domain of unsavory sites, hackers have moved on to trusted mainstream sites in order to get their malware distributed.

Myth: Scanning downloaded files for infections before opening protects you.

Fact: This is just one aspect of protection; it won’t protect you against malicious code embedded within a web page. Simply visiting the web page in question will run this code, and you wouldn’t even know it had happened.

Myth: Using a different browser such as Google Chrome is more secure.

Fact: All browsers have vulnerabilities, as a general rule the more popular they become the more of a target they are. Google Chrome is widely considered one of the most secure browsers available today.

Myth: Mac’s are more secure than Windows computers.

Fact: Malware is now targeting Mac’s and having more success than ever, it comes back to the point made in myth 3 above about the more popular something is the more of a target it becomes.

Myth: If I don’t click ‘OK’ to anything nothing bad can happen can it?

Fact: Sometimes you don’t have to click on anything at all if a website has been compromised and a hacker has embedded their malicious code within the legitimate web page so that it loads automatically when you visit the page.

As with most things IT related it’s more about a layered approach to security in order to minimize your risks, you can never mitigate risks completely. Threats are constantly changing, so what is true today may not be tomorrow. The biggest threat is the one you don’t know about.

Business IT Support Ltd. can help you find your way through the maize of considerations when it comes to dealing with IT Security in your business. We provide IT Support in Wiltshire and the surrounding counties, please contact us if you require any of our services.

You can easily contact us by email, via our enquiry form or simply call us on 01373 888 333. Posted by Lee Edge on 20/07/2012

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