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In our recent meetings with prospective customers, we’ve noticed that a prime reason they have for wanting to move to a different IT Support company is that their current suppliers speak to them in the dreaded ‘Techno-Babble’ rather than in Plain English.

The problem is that some IT guys fail to realise that their customers probably don’t have the same level of IT expertise as themselves, and so they discuss things in highly technical terms without a second thought. The result is that customers are often left confused about what the problem was in the first place and how to stop it happening again.

At BITS, we have a keen appreciation of this, and so we make it one of our Golden Rules to ensure we speak to you in Plain English and not ‘Techno-Babble’ (unless, of course, you want us to). So if you ever find that you don’t understand something IT related, don’t be afraid to let us know.

And if all you want to hear from your IT Support supplier is “It’s fixed”, then we’re happy to oblige with that too!

You can easily contact us by email, via our enquiry form or simply call us on 01373 888 333. Posted by Lee Edge on 16/04/2010

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