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BITS Six Golden Rules

  • We’re a local business and aim to stay that way. We’re not going to get all serious and corporate. We’re good at our jobs, but we are people too!
  • We grow because we ensure other local businesses don’t have to worry about IT Costs, and generally we are successful in our mission!
  • We believe that properly maintained equipment shouldn’t go wrong, but if it does, we will aim to fix it first time, keep you informed and let you know what you can do to stop it happening again
  • We always aim to ensure you get the most out of the IT equipment you’ve already got rather than replace it with super-duper flashing version.
  • We’ll never ever speak to you in ‘Techno-Babble’ (unless you ask us to).
  • BITS can only succeed if our value to our customers is greater than our cost. And without getting complacent, results suggest we’re on the right track.


Warminster based Consulting Company
"We are very impressed with their 'can do' attitude.."

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