How to do a simple Mail Merge in Word for Mac 2011

How to do a simple Mail Merge in Word for Mac 2011

The purpose of this how to guide is not to cover all the in’s and out’s of Mail Merge, it is more to help you get started with the Mail Merge functionality in Word, or as a refresher if you have forgotten.

First we are going to create a simple source for the Mail Merge, in this case an Excel spreadsheet with a couple of names and addresses in it.

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You can see the first row in the spreadsheet shown above is names for the items you are going to place in those columns. The second and third rows contain the names and addresses for our Mail Merge.

In Word go to Tools > Mail Merge Manager

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In the Mail Merge Manager, Section 1, click on ‘Create New’. The options are Form Letters, Labels, Envelopes and Catalogue. For this example we are going to choose ‘Form Letters’.

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Now we need to select the source of our data for the Mail Merge. Click on ‘Get List’ under section 2 and select ‘Open Data Source’.

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Browse to the example spreadsheet you created and click on ‘Open’.

The following two boxes will pop up; click ‘OK’ on both.

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The Contacts area of Section 3 will now show the column names from the spreadsheet, in our example case Name, Address 1, Address 2, Address 4, Address 5.

You can click on these fields and hold the mouse button down to drag the field onto the Word document behind, do this for all the fields you want to include in the Mail Merge, placing them where you would like them to be positioned on the page.

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Now skip to Section 6 and select the second option in from the left ‘Merge to New Document’.

This will pop up a new Word document and instead of showing the column names it will show the actual data.

i.e. first page shows Joe Blogs, 1, Neverland, Street, SA99 199. If you scroll down there will be a second page that looks exactly the same but contains the second name and address details from the spreadsheet.

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Hopefully you can see how you can take this basic process and do all sorts of time saving things with it.

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