IT Tip of the Month - How to burn CDs and DVDs in Windows 7

IT Tip of the Month - How to burn CDs and DVDs in Windows 7

One of the many advantages of Windows 7 is the way it has made tasks which were quite complicated in old versions of Windows pretty simple.

A good example of this is burning CDs or DVDs. Before, you’d have to buy or download the right software, learn how to use it and make sure it was compatible with your system.

With Windows 7 it can be achieved in 4 easy steps.

1. In Windows Explorer, select the files you want to burn to a disc, and click the Burn button at the top of your window.

2. You will then be presented with another window showing the files added to the burn list, so you will be able to add more files to the burn list if you want or you can just click burn to disc.

3. It will then check to make sure you have a blank disc inserted into your drive, and if you do you will be asked to add a name to the disc

4. Click next to begin burning the files to the disc, and hey-presto, you’re done.

This technological advancement comes in very handy for Windows 7 users, but we can’t imagine the makers of popular burning software are over the moon!

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