Macs and PCs moving closer together

Macs and PCs moving closer together

Mac OS X 10.6

If you pay close attention when watching TV shows or Movies, you’ll notice that 99% of people using a computer own an Apple Mac. Go on, take a look.
While this may not be true in reality, people are moving to use Apple products in increasingly large numbers.

One of the main problems in the past with Macs was that it was very difficult to integrate Macs and PCs together because of the different operating systems.

The good news though is that the most recent Mac operating system – Mac OSX 10.6 – has at last made inroads to change that. Now, for the first time, you are able to integrate Mac Mail with Microsoft Exchange 2007, meaning you can use a Mac and still receive the same e-mails from your company server as you would on a PC.

It might sound like a small thing but it removes a significant barrier that previously prevented people from using a Mac in a normal work setting.

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