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Creating HTML signature in Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac
When Microsoft Outlook for Mac was released it was a huge leap forward in terms of what was available before (Entourage), but it is still the poorer relation to Outlook 2010/2013 on Windows. One area that is particularly lacking is that the abili...

Microsoft OneNote - Free
Microsoft recently announced that their OneNote application was going to be available totally free on all supported operating systems (iPhone/iPad (ios), Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian (Older Nokia phones), Windows, Mac OSX). What is it and what...

Network Cabling Warminster
We recently completed a complete replacement of a structured network cabling at a site in Warminster. The site was a manufacturing facility that had a mix of different cables that had been added at different times over the years which did not all ...

Never forget to put your Out of Office on again…
We’ve all been there, it’s the day before you go on holiday and you are in such a rush to get home and sort things out that you forget to put your Out of Office on before you leave the office. ...

Network Cabling Swindon
We recently completed a complete installation of structured network cabling at a clients new premises in Swindon....

Servers – too much noise
We recently invested in an upgrade for our remote support system, this came with a new bigger, better and faster server to run it. Only one day in though we were climbing the walls due to the amount of noise ...

Supercharge your Computer – Demonstration
Ok hands up, this article is a little techy but the reason I am doing it is because I want to demonstrate the very real advantage and value for money in terms of increase in speed that you can get from spending a bit more on your new computer whether...

Company in Wellington, Somerset signs up for support agreement following Free 2 hour support visit
A company based in Wellington, Somerset took advantage of our Free 2 hour support visit....

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Somerset based Food Manufacturing Company
"BITS have been a wonderful partner to Yellow Culture.."

Warminster based Consulting Company
"We are very impressed with their 'can do' attitude.."

London based Manufacturing Company
"Provided service that is rarely seen in the IT industry.."

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