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Tip of the Month – Affordable pay as you go mobile broadband
In a departure from the norm, this month’s tip is related to keeping your IT costs down. As business-people around the country become more ‘nomadic’ in their work life, they often need to sign up to Mobile Broadband – but not everyone uses the ...

BITS launches faster, more robust back up
As you may remember, we were recently pretty excited – in a way only an IT support company could be – about technological advancements in the speed and reliability of disaster recovery technology. Well now we’re even more excited as we announce...

Firms looking to 7-Up!
It’s been another busy month for the BITS team with several installations on the agenda, including a recent trip north of Wiltshire, where we supplied and installed a set of new systems for an Accountancy firm in Bristol. This trend is set to c...

First ever iPhone worm subjects users to Rick Astley flashbacks
It was only a matter of time wasn’t it? The first ever Apple iPhone worm has infected some users in Australia. The worm has changed their wallpaper to an image of 1980s pop crooner Rick Astley, part of a practice known as “Rickrolling”. The worm...

Microsoft ceases to distribute Microsoft Office Accounting.
In a sudden announcement Microsoft has decided to discontinue its Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting product. Microsoft has only given SMEs six weeks' notice for the payroll and integrated banking modules to cease working. However BITS...

Are you spending too much on your printer?
Like most businesses, we’re sure everyone reading this has a printer in their office that gets used many times throughout the day. But did you know that you could be essentially throwing money away each month simply by having the wrong type of prin...

Windows 7 Released This Month
As we’re sure you’ve heard, the new Microsoft operating system - Windows 7 - is released this month. There’s not enough space to list everything new and improved about Windows 7, so here are a few features we really like. Speed Below is a ...

Tip of the Month – create PDF files for free
This month’s tip comes following a request from one of our readers, who wants how to create his own PDF files for free. PDF files are a tidy and secure way of sending files such as invoices and quotes to customers via e-mail than a Word documen...

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Somerset based Food Manufacturing Company
"BITS have been a wonderful partner to Yellow Culture.."

Warminster based Consulting Company
"We are very impressed with their 'can do' attitude.."

London based Manufacturing Company
"Provided service that is rarely seen in the IT industry.."

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