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Monitoring your IT systems
While some of our clients are happy to call upon the BITS team for one-off jobs such as installations and office moves, an increasing number are moving to the added security of our 24*7, year round monitoring service. The key advantage of this ...

Using email: some hints and tips
1. Use a subject. This will help reduce the risk of the email being blocked as spam. 2. Don't use CAPITALS. This is perceived as SHOUTING! 3. Don't email support to tell them the internet isn't working. 4. Use BCC (blind copy) when you .....

Free Microsoft Anti Virus product now available
Microsoft has entered the already crowded anti virus market with this free product. Called Microsoft Security Essentials it can be downloaded here. http://www.microsoft.com/security_essentials for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The installa.....

Wireless Connectivity for Westbury Company
With the schools off and many of us taking holidays at this time of year, August always tends to be a quiet month for a company like BITS, but encouragingly, we’ve been kept pretty busy throughout the month. Just last week we helped a consultin...

Tip of the Month – Sort Clients E-Mails into separate folders
If you’re finding your inbox ends up getting cluttered up and it becomes difficult to keep track of all your colleagues/clients emails, an easy solution is to create separate folders to store them in. • Right click on your Inbox • Select New ...

Windows 7 – One Month to go!
Microsoft’s new operating system – Windows 7 – is due for release on October 22nd. We know that many business and personal PC users are waiting for its release before investing in new hardware, so check back next month for a more detailed look ...

Lee Completes Charity Motorcycle Ride
As advertised in previous newsletters, BITS Technical Director Lee Edge completed his Coast-to-Coast Motorcycle ride for charity on Saturday August 29th. Leaving his friend’s house in Hornchurch, Essex at 4am, Lee started the sponsored ride fro...

Virus infected memory stick costs council £500,000: How you can prevent this.
What actually happened? A member of staff plugged a memory stick infected with the Cornficker virus into a computer. This spread through Ealing council’s network crippling internal communications including their phone system. The resulting cos...

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Somerset based Food Manufacturing Company
"BITS have been a wonderful partner to Yellow Culture.."

Warminster based Consulting Company
"We are very impressed with their 'can do' attitude.."

London based Manufacturing Company
"Provided service that is rarely seen in the IT industry.."

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