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Viruses, malware and how to protect your business
Phil went off for a training day with Sophos in London last month to learn about the latest threats from viruses and malware etc....

Small Business Server 2011, new clients, google and what we've been up to in general
It’s been a busy month so far, with new projects and customers coming on board, one of which was via a personal recommendation, so remember if you like us and the service we provide please tell people about us....

IT Tip of the Month - Outlook 2010 - How to send an email without using the mouse
If you are anything like me you will be in and out of outlook all day long sending and receiving emails so avoiding using the mouse can save you a lot of time, not to mention aches and pains. Give this routine a go, you'll be amazed how quickly yo...

Merry Christmas from all of us at BITS
As is tradition, instead of sending out Christmas Cards, we will be donating the equivalent amount of money to charity....

IT Tip of the Month – Remember to set your ‘Out of Office’ Message
With Christmas rapidly approaching, most of us will inevitably take a few days off to celebrate. Of course, that doesn’t apply to everyone, and they might e-mail you while you’re away. So if you are taking some time off, remember to set your Out O...

There’s snow puns for us this Month!
Fortunately from a practical point of view (but unfortunately from a creative-writing standpoint) we don’t have to make any ‘snowed under’ puns in this month’s newsletter since the worst of the weather seems to have evaded us so far....

Telephone Scam Warning
In the last few weeks, a few of our customers have told us that they have received calls, both at home and at work, from Indian call-centres claiming to represent BT or Microsoft saying their line/PC has a fault and that only that company could fix i...

Windows 7 Mobiles – What’s the story?
Earlier this year, we wrote a few articles about the benefits of Smart-Phones such as the iPhone and ones run using the Android operating system. But we’ve also been asked by a few customers about the new Windows Phone 7 mobiles which have just been ...

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Somerset based Food Manufacturing Company
"BITS have been a wonderful partner to Yellow Culture.."

Warminster based Consulting Company
"We are very impressed with their 'can do' attitude.."

London based Manufacturing Company
"Provided service that is rarely seen in the IT industry.."

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