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IT Tip of the Month - How to burn CDs and DVDs in Windows 7
One of the many advantages of Windows 7 is the way it has made tasks which were quite complicated in old versions of Windows pretty simple. A good example of this is burning CDs or DVDs. Before, you’d have to buy or download the right software, le...

Windows XP Finishes Production
While a lot of companies have moved to using Windows 7, we are aware that for a variety of reasons, when buying a new PC some still prefer to get their Operating System back-dated to use Windows XP....

Jet Setter Phil
With the schools back in session after the Summer Holidays, Phil has seized the opportunity to take some well deserved holiday time....

Office Expansion
We’re delighted to announce that we’re expanding our office space again. Even though we only moved to larger premises last year, we’ve found that because we’re continuing to expand as a business, we just need more room....

IT Tip of the Month – Removing Duplicate Items from Outlook
At BITS, we’re always on the lookout for ways to make IT easier and more streamlined for our clients. Whether it’s from syncing your phone to your exchange server, importing e-mails from a mail backup or a simple administrative error, having dupl...

What We’ve Been Up To This Month – BITS to the Rescue
If you’ve ever read any of our marketing material or visited the IT Support section of our website, you’ll have seen that one of our pledges when monitoring your IT equipment 24*7 is that we will aim to fix any issues before you even notice them. ...

What We’ve Been Up To This Month – Bonded Internet Connections
Usually the work we do for customers is quite similar from month to month, but every so often the opportunity to do something slightly different falls into our laps, and this month that came in the form of installing a Bonded Internet Connection for ...

Jo Tamplin Joins the BITS Team
We’re delighted to announce the arrival of a new member of the BITS team – Jo Tamplin - who joins us to work in administration in our office. In a company full of male IT technicians, her excellent organisational skills will come in very handy!...

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Somerset based Food Manufacturing Company
"BITS have been a wonderful partner to Yellow Culture.."

Warminster based Consulting Company
"We are very impressed with their 'can do' attitude.."

London based Manufacturing Company
"Provided service that is rarely seen in the IT industry.."

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