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Personal experience profile from virtual PA, Delphine Barnes of Bristol Private Office Services; Multiple Screens

Delphine Barnes

When Lee suggested two monitors in my new office set up I thought he was being extravagant! He mentioned a few ways I could benefit from using two screens and before I knew it I was sold.

However, it’s gone beyond the highlights Lee tempted me with. I shall, never ever, go back to a single screen in my own office. I am converted.

Immediately I need to copy data details from a spreadsheet (on one screen) into an email (on the other screen). Traditionally I would have copied said information, minimised the document and gone into the email. And I would repeat this laborious task till the job was done. However now I do not take my hands off the keyboard while I glance across to the spreadsheet and continue typing into my email. Sounds too simple to be so useful? I guess it is but I spend so much less time jumping between files and programs now.

Let’s say I have set aside an hour or so to write a press release, for example. I don’t want to be disturbed by emails that are constantly filtering through. I have my email screen on the ‘other’ screen and I can continue writing whilst glancing at my emails to ensure they are either not urgent or more importantly, at that given moment, additional information from my client to add to his press release.

Even the basic task of comparing suppliers and services on two websites, they can be run side by side on different screens. Keeping an eye on a news story for the latest interest rates or currency markets, I work and glance across at a ‘live’ screen without stopping my current task.

A lot of the work I do is repetitive, creating invitations, menus or reports that I have previously created, albeit in a slightly different format. I find it so much easier to have the ‘old’ previous work open on the still screen while I have the ‘new’ version in front of me and I can happily edit whilst refereeing to the historic document.

Many people visiting my office say “Look at you! Two screens!”, to which I reply, “I can’t work with less!”.

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