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WEEE Regulations: How to prevent data falling into the wrong hands

As you may be aware WEEE stands for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and regulations are now in force to bring about improved disposal of electrical equipment. The producer or end user is responsible for the disposal of such products.

If you give your WEEE to someone else you must ensure that they are a registered waste carrier. or other approved person. You must ensure that it is accompanied by a waste transfer note or hazardous waste consignment note (as appropriate) and taken to a suitable facility to be treated and recycled. In some cases disposal is free and can even be returned to the original manufacturer. There's more on this here

Obviously this applies to all equipment but have you thought about the data that resides on any IT equipment you are disposing of?

Not only could this data be commercially sensitive but it could also contain information covered by the Data Protection Act. Your business is responsible for its safe disposal and your business reputation could be at risk if the data falls into the wrong hands.

A common myth is that simply deleting files on a computer erases them. Deleting files merely changes an entry in the File Access Table, (FAT) on your hard drive. The data is still there, and recoverable.

To make absolutely sure you need to ensure hard drives are wiped professionally ensuring there won't be a chance of recovery using commercial data recovery tools, or even computer forensics tools.

If giving your WEEE to a registered waste disposal operator you must ensure that they hold a relevant certificate in information security management or equivalent.

Alternatively you could entrust this task to an IT support provider such as BITS. This will remove any doubt or uncertainty that the data will be removed to the required standard.

You can easily contact us by email, via our enquiry form or simply call us on 01373 888 333. Posted by Lee Edge on 13/10/2009

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