Business Phones – It doesn’t have to be Blackberry

Business Phones – It doesn’t have to be Blackberry


It’s now pretty standard for the modern business-person to stay connected to their business e-mails, contacts and diaries via their mobile phones.

When it comes to choosing the right ‘Smartphone’ for business, we’ve noticed there is a general perception that the only choice is the Blackberry, and that brands such as the Apple, Nokia, HTC, Samsung and others create ‘fun and fashionable’ products purely designed for personal use.

This may have been true in the past, but in recent years mobile technology has evolved considerably. The other brands work equally well in the business environment, while Blackberry has made great strides to become more ‘fun and fashionable’ too.

Only last week, we were asked by a construction company based in Westbury to link a set of iPhones to their firm’s Exchange Server – this was very easy to achieve.

So if you thought Blackberries were the only choice for your business, think again!

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