Check to see if Superfast broadband is available in your area

Check to see if Superfast broadband is available in your area

BT’s rollout of superfast Fibre broadband is steaming ahead with new exchanges being enabled all the time.

Your local exchange being enabled is only the first step in the process though, they then have to install a cabinet on your street – you would normally notice this.

You can check whether BT Fibre is available at your premises by going to this website and clicking on “Can I get Fibre optic broadband” top right and putting your details to check whether it is available at your premises. You can also register your interest so that they will email you when it becomes available.

If Fibre is available at your premises then there are a whole host of Internet Service Providers who can supply the Internet connection. It is not in anyway restricted to BT, the same as normal broadband connections.

Is the fastest option? Generally yes it is assuming that you can’t get Virgin (as in the actual cable to your premises). Other dedicated Internet connections tend to be extremely expensive ranging from £150 a month to thousands per month making them not an option for most small businesses.

If you are in an area that doesn’t get cable and is unlikely to get Fibre anytime soon then there are other options we can help you with such as bonding where you join two or more lines together to increase your internet connection speed.

If you do find that you can get Fibre at your premises then don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice/assistance.

Business IT Support Ltd. provide IT Support in Wiltshire, Bath, Bristol, Somerset and the surrounding areas, if you have an IT Support requirement please get in touch.

You can easily contact us by email, via our enquiry form or simply call us on 01373 888 333. Posted by Lee Edge on 28/05/2013

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