How to configure exchange email on your iPhone 4 or iPad

How to configure exchange email on your iPhone 4

Lots of people with new iPhone's want to get their email up and running quickly without waiting for help so here is how:

1. From the home page select Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account.

2. Select Microsoft Exchange.

3. Fill in the boxes:

Email: your email address
Domain: leave blank, this field is optional.
Username: this is the same username that you use to log onto your computer and outlook web access etc.
Password: for the username entered above.
Description: This will be your email address by default.

When you’ve finished filling in the boxes click next.

4. Another box will probably now appear “server” you need to put the internet address of your server in here – for example if you log in to outlook web access on the address then you need to enter “” in the box.

5. When you click next the details you have answered will be verified, if it fails you will get an information box telling you. When you click ok you will come back to the screen again and will need to check all the details you have entered. You won’t be able to get past this screen without entering the correct details.

6. When you get to the next screen you can choose whether to synchronise mail, contacts and calenders (by default mail and calenders are selected). Change the options if you wish, for example to turn on contacts then click save.

7. You will now be back at the general Mail, Contacts, Calenders configuration page where you can change options if you wish, other than that you are done.

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