How to configure exchange email on your Windows Mobile 7.5 Phone

How to configure exchange email on your Windows Mobile 7.5 Phone

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Tap on the Outlook or Settings icon.

Choose add an account.

Choose Outlook Exchange and Office 365.

Enter your email address and password; the email address should be your work email address and the password should be the same as your workstation or remote login.

The phone will then attempt to see if it can detect your settings and configure your email automatically.

If this comes back with an error then you will need to go to advanced settings.

These are as follows:

Username: Enter your usual login user name.

Password: Enter your usual password for workstation or remote access.

Domain: Enter the domain of your work server; you may need to contact the person that looks after your IT for you if this is not known.

Server: Enter the name of your server; if you use remote access it’s the same as that but without the “https://” if not known contact the person who looks after your IT.

Tick the box Server requires Encrypted(SSL) connection.

Ignore the Logging (off recommended) box.

Select the tick box to save settings.

There are some additional mail settings to be aware of:

Download new content, select as Items arrive.

Download email from, this can be anything from the last 3 days to everything.

Usually the last 7 days will suffice, as some mailboxes can be very large.

Then you have a choice of Contents to Synchronise:

Mail must be ticked but the other three are optional

Email (select as this is not optional)

Contacts (optional)

Calendar (optional)

Tasks (optional)

Press the tick box on the bottom menu to save and off you go.

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