IT Tip of the Month – Import MP3s to iTunes

IT Tip of the Month – Import MP3s to iTunes


To round off our Apple theme, we’ve decided to give you a tip not strictly business related, but it’s something we’ve been asked by a few different people, so it might come in handy for you.

When you import music into your iPhone or iPod, it has to go through iTunes first. The most common way is to rip an Audio CD – which we’re sure you’ve bought and paid for - straight into iTunes, but if you’ve got any existing MP3s on your hard drive or on a data CD, you have to go about it differently.

  • Firstly, if they are on a data CD, move the files into a folder on your hard drive.
  • Then, open up iTunes and click on ‘File’ and then ‘Add to Library’
  • Locate the audio files on your hard drive. Select a file, click ‘Open’ and it will be added to your iTunes library
  • If the file format is incompatible with iTunes, you’ll be asked if you want to convert it. Click ‘Yes’ to begin conversion. You will hear a sound when the conversion ends.

Happy Listening!

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