Microsoft OneNote - Free

Microsoft OneNote – Free

Microsoft recently announced that their OneNote application was going to be available totally free on all supported operating systems (iPhone/iPad (ios), Windows Mobile, Android, Symbian (Older Nokia phones), Windows, Mac OSX).

What is it and what might you do with it?

Basically it is a note taking application but that doesn’t really do it justice, it is so much more than that. Think of it as an organisable and searchable brain dump.

There are no restrictions on how you must layout notes and pages, you can include data from lots of sources from hand written notes to typed notes, images/photo’s to snippets from web pages and so on. You can even include audio clips.

The contents of your notes can be synchronised between your devices so you can make notes on your tablet/phone while you are out then access those notes when you are back at your desk using your laptop/desktop.

There are also lots of OneNote add ons available that add for example OneNote functionality to your browser to allow you to easily add web content into OneNote. Perhaps you might use an app on your phone to take a picture/scan a document into OneNote.

These are just a few idea’s there are lots of add ons available and more being developed all the time.

Depending on versions being used you can go even further and share OneNote notes between people, perhaps for documentation or brainstorming on a project.

OneNote for Mac screenshot

So in summary it is a great application for tracking all those scraps of information you want to hang on to across all your devices, it is also easy to find the information when you want it both because you can organise everything however you like but also because you can search the content of your notes to find what you are looking for.

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