Never forget to put your Out of Office on again…

Never forget to put your Out of Office on again…

We’ve all been there, it’s the day before you go on holiday and you are in such a rush to get home and sort things out that you forget to put your Out of Office on before you leave the office.

Either that or you forget to turn it off when you get back, how many times have you had an Out of Office from someone saying they will be back in the office on such and such a date which happens to be a day or two previously!

Well now there is an easier way and you need not forget as you can set your Out of Office in advance so that it turns on while you are away and turns off when you are back.

Here’s how (in Outlook 2013):

Go to File > Automatic Replies (Out of Office)

This brings up the Out of Office configuration box shown below, you can set the date and time range when Out of Office replies will be sent.

You can also specify replies for both internal and external emails – ensure you have the “Auto-reply to people outside my organisation” ticked and the toggle the “Anyone outside my organisation” if you want everyone to receive the Out of Office reply.

Out of Office configuration box shown below.

When you are done simply click ok and you are good to go, the Out of Office reply will be sent between the date and times that you have specified.

One thing to bear in mind is that only one Out of Office reply will be sent to each sender, the first time they email you during the Out Office reply period. Once they have received one Out of Office reply the next time they email you they wont receive anything. This can be an issue when you are on holiday for a couple of weeks and emails you on the first day then forgets when emailing you the next week.

I have found it is worthwhile making this clear in the Out of Office reply so people know to take note of the dates.

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