Use my mobile to make calls? Yeah right!

Use my mobile to make calls? Yeah right!

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While there is an explosion of Smart Phones going on and everyone from your kids to your Granny is getting one. People are using them for web browsing, Facebook, playing games or listening to music more than they are using them actually make calls a poll by the mobile network O2 has found.

According to the poll the average user spends 24 minutes browsing the web, 17 minutes on social media, 15 minutes listening to music, 14 minutes playing games but only 12 minutes actually making phone calls everyday!

The poll ranks phone features based on how much time the average user spends on them each day, the telegraph reports – smartphones hardly used for calls.

While the results are interesting they are not all that surprising, the usage of mobiles to making actual telephone calls in my own family pales almost into insignificance if you were to actually compare it to all the other time spent using them.

Time to give them a new name that reflects what they are primarily used for?

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